EV Charging Station Active in Downtown Louisville

A new location for free electric car charging in Louisville is now active.

In the trendy NULU area of Louisville electric car owners can park and charge their cars at no cost.
EVolve Ky, Louisville’s own electric vehicle group, is proud to announce the install of a Level 2 charging station at The Green Building located at 732 E. Market Street in Louisville.
The install is part of the group’s new Adopt-a-Charger program where local companies and organizations subsidize the cost of the charger and installation for an appropriate host facility, such as an area non-profit, city park or other popular location.
Sponsors for Adopt-a-Charger’s first location are Graybar and Henderson Services. Parking and charging is free for EV drivers, and there are two highly-visible, dedicated parking spaces.
As we move forward, we will be working with Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition and other like-minded community organizations to identify additional appropriate locations and secure funding.  Our goal is to have 12 Adopt-a-Charger locations active within a year.