About KCFC

The Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition was established in 1993 to provide the first alternative fuels resource for Kentucky educators, consumers and providers of alternative fuels/vehicles. It is now a successful non-profit 501C3 self-supporting organization and a national leader in the clean fuels market.


The mission of the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC) is to connect providers and consumers of fuels across Kentucky with the best information and education available about clean transportation technologies.

Operating Strategies and Objectives

  • Build partnerships between providers and consumers of fuel.
  • Raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of using alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies.
  • Focus on incorporating alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies
  • Provide members and stakeholders with continuing education opportunities and reliable informational resources upon which they can base decisions.
  • Commit to air quality and environmental stewardship.
  • Provide a balanced source of information for developing partnerships and a realistic market approach to project implementation.
  • Focus on incorporating alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies into technician education.

 KCFC Vision

Transforming Kentucky into a model area for the development and implementation of public policy that supports and encourages the development and use of alternative fuels and technologies for transportation purposes and to improve air quality, diminish dependence on foreign oil, and enrich the state economy by creating alternative fuel options that make it inviting for commercial carriers to conduct interstate commerce.