Idle Free Kentucky Fleet Program

Inspired by the extraordinary environmental impact that Kentucky fleets have made through idle reduction policies and technologies, the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition created the Idle Free Kentucky Fleet Program. Reducing idling decreases fuel use, vehicle emissions, fleet costs, and engine wear.

The Idle Free Kentucky Fleet Program is a voluntary education and recognition program designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of Kentucky fleets while providing education and resources for other fleets interested in idle reduction.

The program is structured to provide flexibility for diverse fleets across the Commonwealth to pursue best practices in idle reduction while achieving recognition for successes along the way. Participating fleet managers complete an online survey or contact Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition staff to describe fleet activities.


Participating fleets are evaluated on three criteria areas:

  1. Policy – Established idle reduction policy
  2. Training – Effective training for drivers
  3. Technology – Use of technologies to support idle reduction and fleet sustainability

Fleet Ratings

Fleets are recognized for their achievements in idle reduction on a three-tier scale:


ONE STAR – Fleet has an established and enforced idle reduction policy.



TWO STARS – Idle reduction policy supported with driver training and awareness campaigns.



THREE STARS – Idle reduction technologies used to support idle reduction policy.

Annual Awards

Participating fleets in the Idle Free Kentucky Fleet Program are eligible for awards through the Green Fleets of the Bluegrass Annual Award Program.


Any centralized fleet operating in Kentucky with at least ten vehicles is eligible for participation in the Idle Free Kentucky Fleet Program. All vehicles are eligible for participation including passenger cars, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty trucks, freight, forklifts, tractors, watercraft, street sweepers, and other off road vehicles.

Fleets from entities across all sectors are encouraged to participate including companies, manufacturers, municipalities, educational institutions, nonprofits, and others.


All participating fleets receive recognition on the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition website, an annual rating through the Green Fleets of the Bluegrass Program and are eligible to earn a Green Fleets award.  There is no fee for participating in Idle Free Kentucky.

Program Entry

Fleets can enter the program through an online survey or by contacting Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition staff.