Final RFS Volumes On Track For November 30 Announcement

The EPA appears on track to meet its November 30th deadline to publish the proposed final rule for Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volumes. The final rule will include Advanced Biofuel volumes for 2014-2016, and Biomass-Based Diesel volumes for 2014-2017.

On May 29th, the EPA released proposed volumes for Biomass-Based Diesel at 1.63 BG for 2014, 1.7 BG for 2015, 1.8 BG for 2016, 1.9BG for 2017. Under the Advanced Biofuel category, the proposal called for 2.68 BG for 2014, 2.9 BG for 2015 and 3.4 BG for 2016. The overall Advanced Biofuel category offers further opportunity for biodiesel growth above and beyond the Biomass-Based Diesel standards.

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