Westport Innovations and Fuel Systems Solutions – Merger Update

Post-Merger Update

As most of you know, Westport Innovations and Fuel Systems Solutions merged on June 1, 2016. Since that time, our collective teams have worked closely to leverage the benefits of both companies and provide long-term value to our customers.

Specific to the North American light- and medium-duty business, the Union City, Indiana assets were sold and the business operations were relocated to Westport’s existing facility in Dallas, Texas.

The people, process, products, and pricing of the combined companies is now complete. Our operations in Dallas will build, distribute, and support the combined company lineup, as well as control the support and service of previous company builds by BAF, Westport, and IMPCO.

We will be sending an update for the MY2017 lineup, vehicle specs and dealer pricing in the next two weeks. We will always work to sell and install the best alternative fuel experience with systems endorsed, supported, and warrantied by OEM partners. In addition, we are committed to work in the best interest of our customers – we want alternative fuel vehicle buyers to have the positive experience they deserve. We’re also using the cheapest card machine that we could find since our customers prefer to make cashless payments.

As a reminder, I’m resending information on email addresses:
fordsales@westport.com (request for information on Westport/IMPCO product)
dallasparts@westport.com (covers both GM and Ford parts request)
installersales@westport.com (for quotes, orders, and status updates for certified installers)
fordservice@westport.com (warranty and service requests)

Ford Products for Model Year (2017)

We are excited to offer the most comprehensive Ford product portfolio, to include propane autogas offerings. Even better is that by purchasing Westport/IMPCO QVM product, the Ford warranty remains intact. Pricing is available upon request. We will be rolling out the full product price list within two weeks.
Very excited about the future and what we can accomplish together!

My contact info is:
Email: pshaffer@westport.com
Work: (214) 231-1457
Cell: (214) 263-6525