Recruiting Young Drivers

Young drivers are appealing to fleets, but fleets often lose them as quickly as they find them, because millennials are more willing to job-hop than previous generations. What does this mean for recruiting? What specifically are young drivers looking for these days in a trucking job? What new methods are fleets using in recruiting efforts?

In this March 8 LiveOnWeb, hosted by Transport Topics reporter David Elfin, we look at the challenge the industry faces in attracting young drivers to replace retiring drivers. We explore this topic through several different prisms: regulation, technology, lifestyle, hiring practices and techniques, use of social media and more.

Our guests include:
•Vigillo CEO Steve Bryan
•Jet Express President Kevin Burch
•Conversion Interactive Agency VP of Marketing and Training Priscilla Peters
•FedEx Freight driver and 2016 Rookie of the Year Rich Merich

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