REV Announces LNG-Fueled Capacity Tractors

REV Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicle brands and a provider of parts and services, has announced the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled engines in its Capacity TJ9000 L9N terminal tractors, which will be used for California Energy Commission (CEC) research.

The Cummins L9N LNG engine, which powers the TJ terminal tractor, features a near-zero-emissions certification. Further, according to REV, LNG is competitive in matching the duty cycles of a diesel-powered tractor.

The stainless-steel tank used by Capacity Trucks (which is part of the REV Group) was designed by Chart Industries Inc. and provides an expected service life of 25 years. With a tank volume of 127 gallons, the LNG tractor is set to exceed the total energy of Capacity’s standard 50-gallon diesel tank.