Evolve KY Announces its 15th Electric Vehicle Charger Location — Prospect Plaza in Prospect, Kentucky

Evolve KY, Kentucky’s non-profit electric vehicle group has just installed electric vehicle chargers at their fifteenth location… and the first in Prospect, Kentucky.

The chargers are located at Prospect Plaza at 9211 US Highway 42 in Prospect, KY.  There is a Starbucks Coffee shop, several restaurants and shops all available at that location.

The charger is fee-free and part of the non-profit group’s very popular Adopt a Charger program.  Highland Cleaners (which is located in the plaza) sponsored the chargers.

“Highland Cleaners is striving to be the “greenest cleaners” in Louisville and Kentucky,” said owner Michael Jones. “We aim to go above and beyond using green cleaning solutions and recycling programs.  Highland built the highest LEED rated dry cleaning building in the United States and now we feature two locations with electric car charging stations.”

With more and more people choosing electric vehicles, the chargers will be a great services to those living in the area and also for travelers.

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