Interest in E15 Picks Up Among Gasoline Retailers

Mike O’Brien, vice president of market development for Growth Energy, says that with seasonal restrictions on E15 sales potentially being lifted in time for next summer’s driving season, interest in selling E15 has increased among gasoline retailers.

“We’ve had quite a few retailers calling us wanting to discuss E15. How to put E15 in place with an eye on the fact that the RVP waiver will likely be going away sometime in the near future,” he said.

Growth Energy is an ethanol trade group, and has created Unleaded88 branding for E15, which has helped retailers market and sell the product. “The intent behind that is to provide a consistent and recognizable fuel brand for all the retailers to use when selling E15 because in that manner, they’re able really to optimize the sales of the new product that’s out there,” O’Brien said.