Biodiesel-powered vehicles are in it for the long haul

Attendees at the National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego got a glimpse into the future Jan. 22 as equipment manufacturers, industry experts and fleets detailed why diesel engines, powered by low-carbon biodiesel blends, will continue to be a mainstay in the transportation industry for many years to come. The future of the fuels market is heavily influenced by the future of the vehicle market and vice-versa—the two are inseparable. However, transportation industry experts agree that diesel engines are in it for the long haul. And when those highly fuel-efficient and powerful diesel engines are paired with renewable, clean-burning biodiesel, the combination is hard to beat on the road to a more sustainable future.

According to recent research by The Fuels Institute and Navigant Research, diesel and hybrid diesel powertrains together are projected to make up nearly 62 percent of U.S. commercial vehicle registrations by 2025, compared to 35 percent gasoline and a total of 3 percent for all other technologies including hybrid gasoline, electric, fuel cell and natural gas vehicles. Industry experts from the Diesel Technology Forum, National Association of Fleet Administrators, and National Truck Equipment Association who spoke at the National Biodiesel Conference Jan. 22 agree that the forecast for diesel powertrains looks strong and steady.