NGVAmerica Serves up Natural Gas Vehicle Fact Sheets

NGVAmerica has released four new fact sheet touting the benefits of using natural gas for heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and refuse and transit vehicles.

NGVAmerica says the new information comes as states are distributing their shares of the $2.9 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust funding established as part of the Volkswagen emissions settlement.

“Volkswagen Trust funding offers a game-changing opportunity to accelerate the adoption and use of the cleanest medium- and heavy-duty engine on the market today, fueled by American natural gas,” says Daniel Gage, NGVAmerica’s president. “These public/private investments should be prioritized to achieve the greatest and most cost-effective reductions in NOx emissions to offset the environmental damage done, replacing dirty Class 4-8 diesel-powered trucks and buses with zero-emission equivalent Ultra Low-NOx vehicles powered by geologic and renewable natural gas.”