Exploring Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

In an environment with rising gasoline prices, propane could offer a viable option for fleet managers looking for an alternative-fuel source.

There’s a misconception that propane autogas is more expensive than traditional fuels, noted Michael Taylor, director of autogas development for the Propane Education & Research Council.

But, the actual cost of wholesale propane typically falls between the price of oil and natural gas — the two sources of propane, he added.

In the first week of May 2019, the national average price per gallon of propane autogas was $1.45. The national average cost of regular grade gasoline was $2.86.

“There is a small segment of the fleet industry who may have tried propane autogas years ago and wasn’t pleased with the performance,” said Taylor. “Over the past decade [there have been] dramatic improvements in propane engine and fuel system technologies.”