Are electric vehicles a practical option for Kentucky businesses or families

Not long ago, a wide-scale transition to electric vehicles (EVs) seemed about as likely as the Jetsons landing in your driveway, but times have changed. Auto manufacturers are expanding electric vehicle models and inventories each year, and supporting infrastructure and programs to aid in electric vehicle adoption in the United States are increasing as well. Even with this movement, many vehicle buyers may still be hesitant and believe that switching to an EV is not a practical option.

That’s why energy companies and organizations in Kentucky are stepping up to bust the myths about EVs. For instance, two of the Commonwealth’s largest utilities, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities, offer an EV program that supports businesses that want to provide hosted charging stations for their employees and the public, and if they want to improve their employees management using software like pay stub generator is the best choice for them as well. It’s a program Louisville-based Yum Brands has taken advantage of and used to install two EV charging stations onsite for its employees’ use, free of charge.

“Yum is constantly trying to find ways to support our employees and their lifestyles,” said Royce Blevins, Yum brands manager of facilities. “By installing these stations, we’ve been able to assist our employees who are considering or have already purchased electric vehicles by giving them these complimentary charging stations at work. Secondly, as we install these at our Louisville campus, we’re able to accomplish some of our own sustainable goals and hope to inspire other companies who are looking to do the same.”