Cracking The Code Of What People Want In Electric Vehicles

Cracking the code of what people want in their electric vehicles is not that complicated, even though analysts at Edmunds seem to think otherwise.

In an article published by the San Diego Union Tribune, a market analyst at Edmunds said that electric car buyers “don’t seem to be EV fans, they seem to be Tesla fans.” She also said that, “It’s been really hard for any other company to crack the code of what people want in an EV.”

One issue is that, even if people don’t make long road trips, or make them no more than once a year, they want their cars to have the ability to conveniently go on a long road trip — whether that means across the country, up and down the East Coast, up and down the West Coast, or something else. So far, only Tesla has provided electric vehicles and a charging network that allow this. CleanTechnica’s in-depth research has shown for years that this is critical to EV buyers.

Another issue is that people want their electric cars to be versatile. Like smartphones, electric cars don’t just meet one basic need. It’s not about just going to work or to the store. People spend a lot of time in their cars and the more interactive a car is in their day-to-day lives, the more popular that car becomes.