EVgo Announces Partnership With Uber

EVgo recently announced a partnership with Uber in which the companies will share data, give drivers access to charge, and do other things to improve EV awareness and adoption.

“Promoting the transition to electrified rideshare will be the key to unlock Uber’s bold new climate commitments,” said Adam Gromis, Global Head of Sustainability at Uber. “Uber is thrilled to be partnering with EVgo, the leader in promoting rideshare electrification across the United States, to support the expansion of cleaner, greener transportation options.”

The memorandum of agreement starts by giving Uber drivers with electric vehicles access to EVgo’s DC Fast Charging Network, which they claim is “the nation’s largest and most reliable public fast charging network.” Uber and EVgo will then collaborate on data collection, using data from both companies and from the usage by Uber drivers to determine where new charging locations are most needed.

The two companies will also work to develop a series of pilot programs to make it easier for Uber driver-partners to make the switch to an EV and to develop new partnerships to accelerate the electrified rideshare ecosystem, including integrations between the Uber and EVgo apps.