Quantum Fuel Systems announces new 40-foot virtual pipeline trailer available Q1, 2020

Quantum Fuel Systems, an industry leader in compressed natural gas (CNG) gas transport trailers and heavy-duty truck fuel-storage systems, announced their newest Virtual Pipeline product line extension, the VPLite45/40′.

   The new 40-foot Virtual Pipeline trailer comes standard with 45 tanks, has a gaseous capacity of approximately 471,000 standard cubic feet and weighs less than 57,000 pounds fully loaded. Customers can customize the trailer configuration with less tanks based on project needs. Available in Q1, 2020, the VPLite45/40′ will be certified for use in the U.S. and Canada, with worldwide availability to follow.

   “We are very excited about our new product line, the VPLite45/40′,” said Mark Arold, President, Quantum Fuel Systems LLC. “For several years we have been providing our customers with the VP45, which has 45 tanks in a 45-foot container, hauls 471,000 SCF of CNG, and stays below federal highway weight restrictions. It has been by far the most efficient in the industry in terms of gas capacity versus trailer length and yet still has the flexibility to carry up to 51 tanks depending on the customer application. The VPLite45/40′ also carries 45 tanks and hauls 471,000 SCF of CNG, but now in a 40-foot container. It is optimal for those customers who only need 45 tanks (or less), in a smaller, lighter trailer that can be more easily maneuvered in tight areas while still hauling the most gas in the industry in a 40-foot container.”

   Highlights of Quantum’s new 40-foot trailer include:

  • Simplified single manifold – easier fueling and defueling with step-by-step directions
  • Increased maneuverability – the shorter trailer and close-spread tandem axle is easier to turn and drive in tight spaces
  • Increased durability – tandem axle has increased tire life and is easier on suspension components