Renewable Hydrogen Said ‘Compatible Complement’ to RNG

RNG Coalition spokesman Marcus Gillette said the trade association views renewable hydrogen as a “compatible complement” to RNG, which is derived from organic waste. “All clean, renewably derived gas substitutes from fossil fuel deserve and have a place in our clean energy future.”

As SoCalGas faces the prospect of increasing electrification, it has been pushing policymakers to recognize that renewably derived fossil fuels should be part of a balanced energy approach. California has some of the nation’s most aggressive policies to decarbonize the economy with renewable sources.

In the natural gas vehicle (NGV) sector, NGVAmerica President Daniel Gage told NGI that hydrogen and RNG can work together.

“It can be injected into the natural gas distribution system like RNG and provides another way to lower the carbon intensity of the common NGV fuels,” which are compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

“The natural gas distribution system is a wonderfully efficient and affordable way to store and transfer vehicle fuel as opposed to batteries that remain an expensive and technologically limited option” when compared to methane and hydrogen applications, Gage added.