RIN prices jump after Trump administration tentatively agrees to quota reallocations

Houston — D6 and D4 RIN prices saw significant increases on Friday after a published report said that the Trump administration had tentatively agreed to boost the biofuels sector by reallocating three years of waived biofuel blending quotas beginning in 2020.

The agreement is intended to boost the use of ethanol and biodiesel in the US fuel matrix. The EPA is legally obligated to finalize 2020 blending targets by November 30.

Ethanol (D6) RINs for 2019 compliance were heard trading earlier in the day at 18.50 cents/RIN before the news, before being assessed at 20.25 cents/RIN at the end of the session, an increase of 2 cents/RIN from Thursday levels.

Biodiesel (D4) RINs for 2019 compliance were heard traded as high as 51 cents/RIN on the day before being assessed at 50.75 cents/RIN, up 1.25 cents/RIN from the previous assessment.