What Does A Gas Station With No Gas Pumps Look Like?

Once upon a time, America was covered with stagecoach stops, Pony Express corrals, and telegraph offices. The onward march of technology has rendered most of them little more than interesting relics. As the electric car revolution moves forward, another iconic sight in America — the gas station — will either adapt or disappear.

Anticipating this trend, Go Architect has created the Gas Station Of The Future Design Competition. While the number of gas stations may be declining, there are still more than 130,000 of them all across America. Many of them stand on highly valuable parcels of land on busy street corners, in shopping areas, and along major transportation routes.

Go Architect is not interested in tearing them all down. Instead, it wants to know how an existing gas station can be repurposed to meet the needs of electric car drivers and autonomous fleet operators in the future. “What will it become as drivers begin charging their cars at home, work, and the grocery store? How may they adapt to a shifting landscape of autonomous vehicles and an on-demand culture? The electric car revolution is here and it’s up to us to pave the way for the future,” Go Architect says.

There is an entry fee of $34.99 for professionals and $14.99 for students. First prize is $1,000 and there will be a People’s Choice award worth $500. Submissions are due by December 1, 2019 and people will be able to view the submissions and vote on them through the end of December. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2020.