Hyundai Unveils Fuel Cell Truck, Explores U.S. Commercial Vehicle Market

Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell truck and trailer combo at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta on Monday and said it was considering entering the U.S. commercial vehicle market.

The South Korean automaker showcased its HDC-6 Neptune Concept Class 8 heavy-duty truck. The truck builds on the fuel cell work Hyundai has developed for its Tucson and Nexo passenger vehicles and signals where the company wants to go with green transport.

Hyundai Translead, the company’s trailer division, displayed its HT Nitro ThermoTech, a clean energy refrigerated concept trailer.

The automaker said the tractor-trailer combination demonstrates how it believes clean cargo transport will develop in the U.S. Fuel cells are an excellent technology for heavy-duty trucks because they can provide a longer driving range, higher payload and less refueling time than a battery-electric long haul truck, Hyundai said.