LPG Spotlight: Rhoads Energy

Propane’s versatility is one of the fuel’s best-known and unique characteristics.

It provides customers clean fuel options for a variety of uses and offers fuel marketers business flexibility.

From home heating to autogas and everything in between, the versatility of propane is attractive to energy companies looking to diversify their assets while growing sales and gallons.

Rhoads Energy, a full-service energy provider in south central Pennsylvania, saw the versatile value of propane as key to its ultimate success.

“What we like about propane is that it’s a year-round fuel,” says Mike DeBerdine, CEO of Rhoads Energy. “That’s something we don’t get from heating oil. We use propane to keep the money flowing year-round because we see year-round opportunities outside of home heating.”

Rhoads Energy added propane to its fuel offerings six years ago with zero customers and an ambitious plan to grow organically. To spearhead this objective, Jennifer Goldbach, vice president of business development, got to work providing propane autogas to local school districts and converting diesel buses to run on propane. This initiative was two-fold, accomplishing environmental and business goals for the company.

“We have been part of this community for over 100 years, and we feel it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment,” Goldbach says. “Propane helps us do that.”