Blink Working on DC Fast Charging Powered by Kinetic Energy

Blink Charging Co. is partnering with Chakratec, an Israeli e-mobility company, to bring a DC fast charging solution to the U.S. that can be deployed virtually anywhere, regardless of the location’s existing power grid capabilities.

DC fast chargers provide the fastest electric vehicle (EV) charging speeds, making these high-power charging solutions available only in locations with sufficient grid power. Upgrading grid infrastructure is extremely costly. Even for cities that can afford the upgrade, the process can be convoluted: arduous approval processes and various regulatory and bureaucratic procedures tend to slow down the approval process.

The Blink and Chakratec project is expected to introduce cutting-edge DC fast charging technology to the U.S. that utilizes a kinetic energy storage system. This will enable high-power charging, serving many EVs daily without straining the grid, and avoiding increased “high demand” charges from utility companies. The proprietary technology is chemical-free, environmentally friendly and able to complete a full charging cycle within just 20 minutes, the companies say.