Cenergy Solutions Debuts ANG, Biogas Transportation and Storage Pods

Cenergy Solutions is offering 8-foot and 10-foot adsorbent natural gas and biogas transportation and storage pods, designed to give fleet operators and refueling sites flexibility in moving and storing fuel.

The DOT-compliant pods can store natural gas and biogas at low and high pressures, depending on the application. The pods do not require high-pressure compressors and, in some cases, can be filled from a natural gas line into the pod without using a compressor at all. The ANG pods can also expel the gas much faster than high-pressure tanks due to a reduced cooling effect when emptying the gas stored at lower pressures.

Cenergy Solutions’ low- and high-pressure (250 psi to 3,600 psi) ANG pod can move up to 114,000 SCF of natural gas and biogas. They can be filled up to 3,600 psi, depending on the application.