OpConnect Introduces Plug-N-Play Network Connected Stations

OpConnect, a developer of EV charging technology, says it has shipped its first Plug-N-Play OCPP-enabled EV charging stations.

The company notes that this technology allows stations to be installed and activated by any licensed electrician without commissioning.

“This is an important step in saving installation costs for our customers,” says Dexter Turner, CEO of OpConnect. “No longer will installing networked stations require costly commissioning by the manufacturer or a certified installer. Just like many devices we use every day, when the station is first powered up, it will identify itself on the network, and the customer will be in business.”

This technology reflects OpConnect’s goal to improve customer satisfaction and help reduce the costs associated with EV charging.

“The more cost-saving innovation we can bring to market, the more EV infrastructure we can get deployed, which will help accelerate EV adoption,” adds Turner.