Toyota, Hino Partner to Develop Heavy-Duty Fuel-Cell Truck

Toyota Motor Corp. and Hino Motors Ltd. have agreed to jointly develop a heavy-duty fuel-cell truck and to proceed with initiatives toward its practical use through verification tests and other means.

For the electrification of commercial vehicles, the optimum powertrain must be adopted to ensure both outstanding environmental performance and “just-right practicality” as a business vehicle in terms of cruising range, load capacity and other aspects, depending on the usage. Heavy-duty trucks are typically used for highway transportation; therefore, they are required to have sufficient cruising range and load capacity, as well as fast refueling capability. For this reason, fuel cell vehicles that run on hydrogen, with its higher energy density, are considered effective.

The heavy-duty fuel-cell truck in this joint development project is based on Hino Profia and is being developed taking maximum advantage of the technologies both Toyota and Hino have cultivated over the years. The chassis is specially designed with the optimum packaging for a fuel cell vehicle, and steps are being taken through comprehensive weight reduction to ensure a sufficient load capacity.