On-Road RNG Use Continues to Rise

NGVAmerica and the RNG Coalition say 39% of all on-road fuel used in natural gas vehicles in 2019 was renewable natural gas (RNG).

Captured above ground from organic material in agricultural, wastewater, landfill or food waste, RNG produces carbon-neutral and even carbon-negative results when fueling on-road vehicles like short- and long-haul trucks, transit buses, and refuse and recycling collection vehicles. RNG fuel has the lowest EER-adjusted carbon intensity of any on-road motor fuel, as low as -400.1

Over the last five years, RNG use as a transportation fuel has increased 291%. NGVAmerica and the RNG Coalition report that in 2019, a total of 717 million gallons of natural gas were used as motor fuel. Of that, 277 million gallons were renewable.