Lyft: 100% Electric Vehicles By 2030. CleanTechnica: Ya Think?

Lyft published the positive announcement last week that it would be 100% electric by 2030. Naturally, this is significantly uplifting news, since:

Not many companies have committed to 100% electric vehicles by 2030.
Lyft’s business is based around driving, which means this will result in an enormous reduction in air pollution and global heating emissions. (Presuming Lyft continues to grow or at least survives.)
The announcement should inspire other companies to make such commitments.
The announcement should raise broader consumer awareness around electric vehicles and stimulate more EV purchases.
The responses from some members of CleanTechnica senior staff while eating avocado and cheddar cheese wedges alongside our rooftop pool in the center of Los Altos Hills, California, was essentially whoop dee doo.

In other words, that’s an easy commitment to make. Electric cars have gotten enormously more cost-competitive in the past decade. Costs have fallen off a cliff. They are now more or less at the crossover point (depending on which specific vehicles you compare). Even if you expected slower cost drops in the coming decade, you should realize by now that no one in their right mind will be using a non-electric car for a high-mileage job in 2030. You may as well drive electric and burn cash behind the car as you go for a marketing boost, extra social media klout, and personal entertainment.

Still, I’m the optimistic type, and I was very happy to see the announcement for the reasons espoused at the top.