NBB: Biodiesel drives fleet operations to be better, cleaner

In a multitude of ways, the past year has drawn into sharp focus the important interrelationships between public health, the environment, and the economy.  Yet through all the challenges presented by a global pandemic, extreme weather events, and an economic recession, America’s trucking fleets – the vast majority of which are powered by diesel engines – persevered to continue delivering the essential goods and supplies that our nation relies on to keep moving forward.  The past year also demonstrated the need for businesses to adapt quickly to changing conditions, to work smarter with limited resources, to do more to protect the environment and human health, and to not become overly reliant on just one power source. These challenges have become especially pertinent for America’s fleet managers on the front lines of this evolution, and a growing number of those fleets are finding solutions with biodiesel – a renewable, sustainable, low-carbon alternative to diesel fuel – to help them operate better, cleaner, now.