Hydrogen benefits highly utilized trucks

There is no denying the move towards alternative fuel solutions is gaining momentum with hydrogen and battery electric each surfacing as leaders depending on the use cases. For high utilization assets in particular, hydrogen is a winner, according to Brent Koski, vice president of hydrogen energy at Plug Power. “Whether it’s energy density or refueling times, hydrogen fuel cells are a better option than battery electric vehicles for high utilization assets like delivery trucks. For consumer vehicles, which are parked 95% of their lifetime, batteries make more sense,” he says.

And Plug Power is making solid inroads. Specifically, Plug Power and Brookfield Renewable recently announced plans to build a green hydrogen production plant utilizing 100% renewable energy from Brookfield Renewable’s Holtwood hydroelectric facility as part of previously announced partnership. The plant will be located along the Susquehanna River in south-central Pennsylvania.

Green hydrogen from this facility will support decarbonization of the broader transportation and logistics industries in the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic. The plant is expected to be online by late 2022, with construction slated to begin by in the first quarter of 2022. Once operational, the plant is projected to produce approximately 15 metric-tons of 100% emissions-free liquid hydrogen per day. It is also expected to create more than 25 green energy jobs in Pennsylvania.