Arrival and Uber team up for purpose-built electric car

Plans to electrify urban road transport took a leap forward this week, with the news U.K.-based electric van and bus pioneer Arrival is to team up with global ride-hailing giant Uber to develop a new “affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle (EV)” for ride-hailing services.

Dubbed the Arrival Car, the new model is slated to enter production in the third quarter of 2023, with the final design expected to appear before the end of this year.

Arrival said Uber drivers will be invited to join the design process to help ensure the final vehicle meets their needs. In addition, Arrival and Uber are to explore a strategic relationship in key markets, including the U.K. and EU.

Uber is one of a number of ride-hailing firms to set targets to fully electrify their fleets in the coming years. The company has committed to doubling the number of EV drivers on its platform by the end of this year as part of a roadmap for all cars offered through the app in London to be fully electric by 2025. It then plans to become a fully electric mobility platform by 2030 across North America and Europe.