Volvo Sees Three Paths to Decarbonize Trucking

When it comes to how best to decarbonize truck transportation, Volvo Group Chief Technology Officer Lars Stenqvist said, “Sometimes I have a feeling this debate gets too polarized.”

Volvo Group expects a near-term convergence of biofuel, battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric-powered trucks as the industry, in the U.S. and in Europe, begins to adopt transformative and disruptive technologies aimed at eliminating harmful emissions and “leapfrogging” current practices.

“So no silver bullet. Three technologies in parallel. They each will have competitive advantages in different applications,” Stenqvist said in an interview May 10. “They each have to live on their own merits. I am convinced we will be helped by some kind of [added] cost on fossil-based fuels going forward, some kind of tax or some kind of penalty because that will speed up this transition.”