Driving Behaviors and Gallons

Following and complementing its Prime the Pump initiative, Growth Energy is launching a consumer campaign to increase awareness of the environmental benefits of E15. The goal is to trigger more sales of E15 to consumers who want to make a small change for a big Earth impact. Ideally, they’ll fill up with E15 and also demand more access to it.

Growth Energy’s Emily Skor, CEO, and Elizabeth Funderburk, vice president of communications and public affairs, speak enthusiastically about their new endeavor, named Get Biofuel, and the goals they’re setting for it.

“What this campaign does is appeal to the emotion of wanting to do something in a small way that can benefit the environment,” Funderburk says.

“I’m really excited about it,” Skor adds. “The growth opportunity for the industry is going to be when E15 is the standard fuel offering nationwide. In order to get to that place, we’ve got a full throttle industry effort and you really have to pursue three different things.”