Hyzon Looks to Liquid Hydrogen for up to 1,000-mile ZEV Range

Hyzon Motors is betting on liquid hydrogen to power its fuel-cell-electric trucks, rather than the gaseous hydrogen being used by most FCE truck developers, saying it will enable an up to 1,000-mile range, among other advantages.

Hyzon recently announced it will work with Chart Industries to produce a liquid hydrogen-powered heavy-duty commercial vehicle with a range of up to 1,000 miles. Chart is an independent global manufacturer of liquid hydrogen equipment.

Hyzon Motors is a relatively new hydrogen-fuel-cell truck maker, developed as an offshoot of a fuel-cell technology company. It’s headquartered in Rochester, New York, but thus far most of its hydrogen-fuel-cell truck orders have been in Europe and Australia. The vehicles are being built on chasses from existing truck-makers such as DAF. The latest announcements indicate we’ll see Hyzon trucks in North America, as well. In addition to partnerships with Chart Industries, Raven SR, and Renew H2, the first vehicle trials with U.S. fleet operators will start in the fourth quarter of this year in California.