Ford announcement sparks excitement for electric car owners in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Many people call it a game changer: the news last month that Ford planned to spend billions of dollars on electric battery plants near Elizabethtown.

It’s another strong sign auto makers are moving toward electric vehicles.

For owners of electric cars in Kentucky, the news is exciting, and offers hope, that more charging stations are coming, to support their no gas transportation.

Mike Proctor, of Richmond, has owned electric vehicles for the last nine years.

”On a cold winter day, when I see everybody out there standing out there pumping gas, and I drive right past them knowing that my nice warm garage is my place where I’m going to refuel, I’m a happy camper,” Proctor said.

Procter recharges his electric car in his garage overnight. It cost him less than a $1,000 to have a Level 2 charger installed.

”Level 2 is the same voltage as your range or your dryer work on,” Proctor said. “So, the voltage is available in most households.”

Proctor is a member of EvolveKY, a group of about 200 electric car enthusiasts. EvolveKY has 36, free charging stations around the state.