Ford, Purdue Cooling Patent Could Charge EVs As Fast As Gas Station Fill-Ups

Battery science is a pretty undeveloped field, which is why we’re still using lithium-ion instead of ultra-efficient metal air or sodium chemistry. During the period when burning fuel to generate power was always the easiest option, there wasn’t a motivation to make storage a priority and when it comes to EV charging, from infrastructure to materials and methods, we’re in the absolute infancy of what might get done. This is why it’s extremely cool to see Ford working with Purdue University on a potentially game-changing charge cable.

The patent’s still pending and this isn’t in the production stage, so it’d be years before it could be rolled out. But Ford has shared details about the research, which has come up with a solution that could drastically cut EV charging, Ford says, maybe even down to the same amount of time it takes to fill up a gasoline car.