Kia sustainability roadmap: Hydrogen fuel-cell lineup in 2028, leather and ICE phased out later

Kia last week dove into more detail about its EV and sustainability plans, being represented in its Concept EV9 bowing this week.

As part of those details, the brand revealed that it plans a hydrogen fuel-cell “lineup” in 2028; when it plans to retire internal combustion (ICE) vehicles; and some of how it plans to green its factories and materials.

The initiative builds on Plan S, its initiative that involves a shift to electric vehicles and mobility ventures, with an investment of $25 billion by the end of 2025, but it gives the overarching plan more of a sustainability spine.

While that plan spoke broadly of “ecofriendly vehicles” and aimed to “selectively introduce EV models in emerging markets,” last week’s announcement gave a new level of detail.