Biodiesel blends battle snow and ice in the Windy City

With much of the country facing the onslaught of winter weather and the challenges it can bring, many fleets will power their diesel vehicles with biodiesel blends throughout the winter months, including the Chicago Park District.

Biodiesel blends up to 20 percent (B20), and sometimes even higher, are being used successfully throughout the nation, year-round. If properly managed, blends of ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel of any feedstock can be used successfully in challenging winter climates.

“Here in Chicago, winter temperatures can drop to well below zero and we need to be sure our diesel vehicles operate smoothly even in extreme weather conditions,” said Mike Dimitroffmanager of the Department of Cultural & Natural Resources, Chicago Park District. “The Park District uses a B20 biodiesel blend to fuel heavy pick-ups, stake trucks, forestry trucks, tower trucks and more, all winter. We take a few precautions to ensure smooth operation, just like we would do with petroleum diesel, and have had no problems.”