Extreme E: The Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Charging Station Of The Future Is Here

Hydrogen fuel cell fans are determined to contribute to the electric mobility revolution one way or another, and it looks like EV charging stations are the way in. The idea seems to be catching on with an assist from the new Extreme E racing circuit, which showcased the concept last year with the help of the fuel cell firm AFC Energy. The two are back together again for Round 2 this year.

Have Some Hydrogen With Your New Battery Electric Vehicle

Extreme E is the brainchild of Formula E founder Alejandro Agog. Formula E launched as an FIA-sanctioned showcase for new cutting edge battery-electric vehicle technology, and the Extreme version is intended to demonstrate the ability of an electric SUV to handle any conditions that Mother Nature can throw at it.

The inhibiting factor would be how to stage EV charging stations in remote locations where grid connections are not available. On-site wind or solar generation with battery-type energy storage is one option, and the US military is among those exploring that avenue. Extreme E went another route and settled on hydrogen fuel cells.