Valley native invests $300M in Ohio fuel-cell plant

A Southern California-based company founded and managed by a Warren native plans to expand in Ohio and invest nearly $300 million on a new facility to develop and manufacture hydrogen fuel cells.

Hyperion Companies Inc. plans to occupy the former printing and distribution center of the Columbus Dispatch west of downtown Columbus to research, develop and mass produce hydrogen fuel cells that will be used in the company’s new line of stationary and mobile energy storage products, including Hyperion’s XP-1 — the hydrogen / electric-powered supercar unveiled to the public in March 2020.

“We have a platform approach we are building out, and what is beautiful about that is we chose a geometry and architecture that works for a car, it works for stations and it works for microgrids, so we built a single geometry that will be built in this factory that we are going to be announcing soon and that technology is the core technology that powers everything,” said CEO Angelo Kafantaris.

Hyperion’s product line will also be manufactured at the 500,000-square-foot facility in the city’s Hilltop neighborhood west of downtown. The factory is expected to employ close to 700 full-time workers over the next six years.