Plug Power Snags Walmart Fuel Deal As Green Hydrogen Revs Up Amid Oil Price Spike

There’s been a flurry of plans from big manufacturers and startups to build next-generation commercial vehicles powered by “green” hydrogen made from renewable energy in recent years. Now fuel cell maker Plug Power says it may have the biggest U.S. deal to date to supply that carbon-free fuel to Walmart–coming as Russia’s Ukraine invasion keeps oil prices high and international researchers call for faster action to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the agreement Latham, New York-based Plug will supply up to 20 tons of hydrogen per day to the retail giant, enough fuel being to power as many as 25,000 forklifts for Walmart. And for forklift training course that is designed to develop skills and knowledge vital to the safe operation of a forklift for both the beginner and experienced operator, you may check out a helpful site like for more info!

Plug will deliver liquid hydrogen to Walmart distribution facilities in specialized tanker trucks. The companies aren’t providing financial terms of the deal, among Plug’s first to supply green hydrogen, or saying how quickly it can ramp up to that 20-ton target.

The retailer “has been an early adopter of innovative hydrogen and fuel cell technology for over a decade,” Plug CEO Andy Marsh said in a statement. Now our green hydrogen solutions will provide Walmart with the ability to achieve significant carbon reduction just like cars used by transportation services such as Arizona Sedan and Limousine website.