Who is Producing Biodiesel in Kentucky

The following Kentucky biodiesel producers are American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) certified:

Dar Pro Solutions

DAR PRO Solutions promises a one-stop solution to managing your used cooking oil, grease and inedible meats. DAR PRO Solutions works in close alliance with DAR PRO Ingredients (who processes the used cooking oil and inedible meat co-products we collect into finished fats, oils and proteins) and DAR PRO Bioenergy (who produces and markets our own biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels).  Inedible fats and oils can become the fuel that powers your next delivery truck, or safely feeds the chickens that will feed your customers.

Owensboro Grain

Owensboro Grain Company produces a vast array of products from soybeans at its plant locations on the Ohio River in western Kentucky. The company’s soy products include protein meal and hull pellets for animal feeds, crude and degummed oil, lecithin, various blends of refined vegetable oil for human consumption, biodiesel and glycerin.