Kentucky Utilities Consent Decree

Pursuant to a consent decree with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2012, Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) offered $250,000 in grant funding for acquisition of plug in electric vehicles in fleets owned by governmental and quasi-governmental bodies. The company reimbursed selected applicants for the incremental cost of electric vehicles funded under the program (e.g., the additional cost of a plug in electric vehicle compared to the most comparable conventional gas or diesel vehicle). In addition, for each applicant selected for funding, the company also funded the cost of one fast charge station at a cost not to exceed $3,500.  Mileage data can be viewed here.

  • Kentucky Division of Water (two vehicles, one charger)
  • Kentucky Division of Air Quality (two vehicles, one charger)
  • Louisville Metropolitan Government (one vehicle, one charger)
  • University of Louisville (two vehicles)
  • Kentucky Division of Fleet Management (two vehicles, one chargers)
  • LFUCG (one vehicle, one charger)