Electricity Fuel Resources

Alternative Fuel Data Centers cost calculator


Utility Incentives

LG&E/KU offers a pilot Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) rate, for up to 100 customers, which includes PEVs. The LEV rate includes a basic monthly charge of $8.50 plus a variable kWh charge depending on season and peak usage periods, ranging from $0.0463 kWh to $0.1367 kWh.

Electrician Training

  1. Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Electrical Contractors
  1. Eaton offers a 1 day instructor-led training course conducted by an Eaton certified EVSE instructor.  Classes are designed for contractors as well as anyone looking to become familiar with the equipment. Contact DaveRichards@eaton.com.

Clean Cities Electric Vehicle Installation Training Program (EVITP) for licensed electricians

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program offers training around the United States at community colleges and electrical training centers. Training is open to licensed electricians in compliance with requirements of state or municipal jurisdictions. Training on local requirements supplements core training when appropriate.

First Responder Training

National Fire Protection’s Association

Electric Vehicle Safety Training for Emergency Responders Online Course

Annual Kentucky Life  Savers Conference

Contact Info
University of Kentucky
Kentucky Transportation Center
176 Raymond Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0281
TOLL FREE (800) 432-0719
Phone: (859) 257-4022

Municipality Resources

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Community Readiness Scorecard

The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Scorecard helps communities assess their readiness for the arrival of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Public Charging Station Hosts

If you have a property suitable for hosting an electric charging station, you are perfectly positioned to contribute to — and benefit from — the fast-growing PEV sector. This handbook answers your basic questions about PEVs and charging infrastructure and points you to the additional information you need to decide about participating in this new venture.

 Workplace Resources

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers

This handbook is designed to answer your basic questions about PEVs and charging infrastructure and point you to additional information so you can make the best decisions for your fleet.

EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge

The Department of Energy sponsors an EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge with a growing list of workplace partners.